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So there was this pixie.

Hello lovelies! The Name is Jess. I will try to update as often as I can. I love to write and will probably post some stories here. Most entries will be about my life though. I would like some new friends to talk to. Hmm if I think of more I will post!

I discovered LJ in 03-04 When my mum use to come on here alot, joined in 05, This is my newest account.. I'm a huge Harry Potter Fan along with many other things. I guess I'm a creative person, Writing is one of my passions. My obsession's change rapidly, one month I'll be interested into serial killers, the next glitter and faeries! </br>

Im a very different person, not just some average person. Hmm i am shy in person.. trying to break out of my shell. I'll write more later.

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